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Types Of Distributor And Wholesalers In Pharma Sector

Distribution is the primary part of any industry. Effective distribution and marketing help any business to reach its customer widely. Specifically, the Pharma industry relies mostly on the Pharma wholesalers, distributors and stockists. If an individual plans to start a career as a Pharma distributor, then they must know the basic difference between a wholesaler and distributor in the Pharma sector.

A wholesaler is a trader who tends to buy goods in large quantities and sell them in smaller quantities. But the distributors are resellers of the goods covering a particular market or specific area.

Distribution is the backbone of any successful pharmaceutical business. Looking for the top Pharma franchise company in India, Albia Biocare happens to offer a complete range of pharmaceutical products to its customers. Let us look at how a distributor is different from a wholesaler in the pharmaceutical business.

Difference Between Distributor And Wholesaler

Both the distributors and wholesalers make buying and selling easy for every large-scale Pharma company. But there happens to be a point of difference between the two.


  • Pharma Distributor


The Pharma Distributors stay in direct association with the Pharma manufacturers or the company. There happens to be an exclusive agreement between both the distributors and the manufacturer. It consists of specific terms and conditions regarding the work. However, they do not contact the consumer directly; instead, they work mainly with the retailers and wholesalers.


  • Pharma Wholesaler


The Pharma wholesaler happens to stay in direct contact with the distributor. These wholesalers do not have any contact with the pharma company. They tend to buy the product in bulk and resell them further after adding the profit margin. It is the responsibility of the wholesaler to meet retailers. For this reason, it tends to have a strong network of representatives who meet various pharmacists’ chemist shops or clinics only to introduce the product.

Types Of Distributor


  • Single Party Distributor


The single-party distributors are generally the resellers having a small-scale business. They tend to buy products from manufacturers or medicine franchise companies and sell them further. They have direct contact with the customers.


  • Multiple Party Distributor


They are known as the big distributors who have various channels. With these channels, they tend to meet the sales target. They also can create big hype in the market.

Type Of Wholesaler


  • Producer Wholesaler


Producer wholesalers are those people who operate in any central area, especially any busy market area. Thus with the increase in the rate of customers, these wholesalers offer discounts and lucrative deals on the product. The strategic role of such wholesalers is quite limited as they are more into showcasing the product.


  • Merchant Wholesaler


These wholesalers might not sell the product directly. Due to this reason, the profit margin of such wholesalers is usually higher.


  • Agents And Brokers


These agents and brokers are appointed for specific regions or zones. In places where different kinds of demand exist, these brokers or agents work according to the demands. Most products that do not have much demand or are not given focus needs to be sold with the help of agents and brokers. They are known as discount specialists who tend to popularize a product from a slow-moving one to a fast-moving one. However, the Pharma PCD distributors in India fix the commission rate for these brokers or agents under a mutual agreement.

Most PCD Pharma companies work as discount specialists for various product manufacturers.

The success of every pharma business depends upon the distributor. Having more than 15 years of professional experience, Albia Biocare caters to its clients seamlessly. The provision of e-ordering and the competitive price of the products make it the top pharma company in the entire country. 

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