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Why are PCD pharma franchises changing the Indian pharmaceutical industry?

In the past few years, the Indian pharmaceutical industry has seen tremendous growth. It has reached a new milestone and ranks among the top five countries in providing generic medicines. The continuous growth in demand for pharma services and medicine availability throughout all health centres is driving the industry to the top. 

Understanding the concept of PCD pharma franchise

Propaganda Cum Distribution is called PCD in short and it is a type of franchise agreement. Pharma franchise is basically distribution rights given to a pharma professional by a pharmaceutical company. The franchisee holder is given the rights to work on behalf of the company such as production and marketing of drugs. Depending upon the investment and market demand, the franchise facility is provided. 

How is this changing the Indian pharmaceutical sector?

With the emergence of a newly developed franchise company in the pharmaceutical company, there are a lot of opportunities coming up. The newly developed franchisee company offers a lot of opportunities for distribution, medical representatives etc. This increases the growth in the pharmaceutical industry, thus improving the country’s economy. The franchise company is helping to provide health facilities and development opportunities across the country, thereby contributing to the Indian economy. 

PCD pharma franchise is providing the following benefits

  • Providing employment opportunities to many people
  • Through this venture, pharma services are available at every nook and corner of the country.
  • On time delivery of medicines
  • Growth in the industry
  • Availability of all types of medicines in the market to invest money according to the market demand. 
  • Companies offer marketing support to the franchise holder to make it more reliable to invest. 

Scope of investment in PCD pharma franchise business in India

The scope of investment in PCD pharma business in India is huge. Since people are aware of the pharma services, they are willing to pay to get a safe and effective result for their health. There are multiple choices to invest money in

  • Chain pharmacy
  • Over The Counter (OTC) medicine distribution
  • Surgical medicine distributor
  • Health supplement distributor
  • Hospital pharmacy

How to choose the best pharma company for PCD pharma franchise business?

The choice of choosing the right pharma company is important before investing money. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind before choosing a good pharma company.

  • The company should be accredited with International or National standards like ISO, FSSAI, WHO. 
  • The company should provide affordable rates of medicines.
  • It should have a wide and exclusive medicine range. 
  • The company should possess good market value. 
  • There should be a fair profit margin in sales. 

Pre-requisites to take up PCD pharma franchise business

The documents needed to own pharma franchise business are

  • Drug license number
  • Sales tax number
  • Tax identification number
  • Authentication with GST
  • Pan card and other ID proofs of the company and the franchise holder

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If you are looking for PCD pharma distributors, then Albia Biocare is the best choice. We assure you to have the best in franchise business. We provide clients with drugs and products with medicinal properties. We provide our clients with the best quality products to maintain a mutually long-lasting relationship. We are competent enough to provide our customers with the best quality products. 

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