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PCD Pharma Distributors and their Types

Pharma establishment merchants or the advertising experts are an important part of Pharma Franchise in India. They are the key players in the market and the real deal generators. With the difference of their strategy for work, they can be separated in two classes.

Single Party Pharma Distributors

Single party PCD pharma distributors include a small group of individuals or a single individual taking up the franchise from pharma companies. They have fewer channels of distribution for further sale. The franchise owners buy drugs in bulk from the company and they further get prescription generated and medicines are made available to the nearby retailers of the medical practitioners.

PCD pharma companies in Chandigarh

Multiple Party Pharma Distributors

Multiple party PCD pharma distributors are a large group of individuals or many single parties which are merged as one. They buy the pharma goods in bulk from the pharma companies and further distribute to their different channels and cover a vast area like multiple districts and state etc. The promotion as well as marketing of the pharma companies is easily met along with the sales generation targets. It is mandatory to own a whole sale drug license for all PCD pharma distributors in India.

Collaborating with PCD Franchise Companies

To collaborate with any PCD Franchise company, you must know their complete history. There are two segments of data which can be available for you. One is the external information and the other one is the internal information. External information can be available easily from different mediums like internet whereas the internal information is confidential which you can get from some typical but reliable sources.

You can get a complete list of top PCD pharma companies in Chandigarh but their history should be known first before you enter in to any such partnership agreements. If you don’t bother to research about the PCD pharma companies beforehand than it may result in serious loss for you like financial loss, your relationship with the medical practitioners can get affected and also you may lose your own credit worthiness in the pharma industry.

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