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How Does PCD Pharma Companies Work in India?

Concept of PCD Pharma Franchise

PCD stands for Propaganda cum Distribution. PCD or pharma franchise is an authorization or permission granted by a pharma company possessing the rights to any individual or group, allowing them to carry out all commercial activities like selling and promoting the company’s products on mutually agreed terms and conditions .

The marketing of the pharma products by PCD pharma franchise companies can be done in any of the two ways:

  1. Ethical Marketing: In ethical marketing, the company will appoint medical representatives for the marketing of the products. In this type of marketing, the medical representative talks to the stockists, wholesalers, chemists, retailers and doctors of that specific area and convince them to buy or prescribe their medicines to the public within the marginal rate set by the company.
  2. PCD / Franchise: In PCD Franchise type of business, PCD Pharma companies appoint its distributors and help them grow by giving them monopoly rights. Distributors appoint Medical Representatives to contact doctors in their area. Then medicines are prescribed by the doctors. This way business growth is made sure by making availability of pharma products. Promotional material provided by PCD franchise companies also play an important role.
  3. Choosing a good PCD Pharma Company in India

The competition is increasing day by day and a number of PCD pharma companies in India have emerged. You must be very careful while making a choice of PCD franchise company and consider the following points:

  • Dealing with quality medicines at reasonable rates is one of the key points for the success of PCD franchise. So, it’s better to choose a GMP, ISO and WHO certified company.
  • Choose the PCD pharma companies which have a variety of products and work on   regular availability of the products at a reasonable price range.
  • It is always better to get associated with PCD pharma companies who have a good reputation in the market.

If there is any confusion regarding which PCD Franchise Company to choose then you can have a look at some popular health journals, some health-based monthly newspapers or do a thorough research on internet to know about some of the best PCD pharma companies in India.

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