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Key Factors for Successful Pharma Business in India

The growth of the Indian pharma industry has been drastic since the establishment of the Patent Act in the year 1970. This enables a lot of pharma companies to grab the market. Now there is only huge progress as more and more projects and clients are arriving from the West, making India the world’s third-largest pharma market.

Although GST slowed down the industry a bit, it has regained its strength again with government aid. In recent years, the pharma companies are seeing massive success which led to the establishment of new companies as well as pharma franchise business opportunities. 

So let us find out all the essential factors that are helping the success of the pharma industry.

Cost-effective Drugs

The generic drugs are cost-effective and work in the same way as the top brand ones do. Since India can produce high-quality and low-cost drugs, it has become one of the top drug manufacturers and sellers in the world. With the flourishing business in making generic drugs, many well-known drug companies are expanding their business through pharma PCD franchise distributors in India.

Offers & Projects from the West

One of the biggest reasons to see excellent performance of the pharma business is exporting to the western countries. India’s manpower and quality products attract many western countries to offer drug manufacturing projects. This way the business becomes affordable for the western countries and drug production can be maximized. Mostly small to medium-sized pharma companies in India take such projects and outsource their products. One such western country has the largest market for Indian pharma companies in the US.

Government Schemes

Various government schemes are helping pharma businesses to become strong and successful. The government support encourages the industry to grow and to come to the forefront. The government allows pharma companies to take 70% of Foreign Direct Investment which makes it easier for every small pharma business owner to flourish and attract foreign projects. This further enables the pharma industry to manage business more efficiently.

International Market

Globalization is playing a big role in shaping the pharma industry market. Every country wants to have high-quality drugs at cheap rates, and India has all the resources for such requirements. This in turn attracts international markets for Indian drugs. The increasing demand for pharma products in the international market is a big factor that makes the pharma industry so popular in India.

Post-pandemic Opportunities

The COVID-19 pandemic opened new opportunities for many small-scale business owners and pharma franchise service providers. From supplying low-cost medicines to critical drugs to the world, India is already on the journey to becoming a self-reliant nation in pharma and medical devices. 

Things to Know to Start a Pharma Business

If you have been planning to start a pharma business, now is the best time. Some of the things you must keep in mind are:

  • Plan a business model.
  • Research your business idea.
  • Learn in detail about regulations and licenses.
  • Join hands with the experienced. 

One of the best ways to start a pharma business is to partner with a pharma franchise company. This way you can become an authorized distributor of a particular brand or a pharma company. 

So make sure you choose a company that will provide you with knowledge and support to get started. Albia Biocare is one of the best PCD franchise pharma companies in India. Contact us today to get started your business in Pharma industry.

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