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Exercises To Avoid With High Blood Pressure

One of the best ways to control high blood pressure and prevent it is by staying physically active. Exercise strengthens the heart and aids in lowering blood pressure. 

However, it is important to remember that some forms of exercise can also lead to high blood pressure and should not be performed if you have HBP.

Exercises To Avoid When You Have High Blood Pressure

When it comes to physical exercises there is no single regimen that suits everyone. For instance, the fitness regimen of an overweight person will be very different from a person whose focus is to gain lean muscle only. This is why individual exercise prescriptions should be adjusted to one’s skills, as well as physical requirements and medical conditions. 

A HBP patient must not over-exert themselves. This is why doctors advise certain types of workouts for patients with high blood pressure. 

Some of the signs you need to look out for while exercising:

  • Feeling lightheaded or dizzy
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Fatigue from pain

Now about the activities to avoid with high blood pressure.

Adventure sports like sky and scuba diving- These adventure sports are absolute no-no for people with high blood pressure. Both sky and scuba diving give a sudden spike in blood pressure due to the high dose of adrenaline. 

Apart from this scuba diving puts you at risk of organ damage, including heart and kidneys. Make sure that before you participate in these activities, get consent from your doctor. 

High-intensity exercise- HIIT or strength training should be avoided too unless you have an individualized training program, along with a medical evaluation. Always talk to a certified fitness trainer before you begin a high intensity workout. 

Intense sports such as sprinting and squash- Both of these sports activities require a lot of energy and lead to fast heart rate. So your heart which may already be under stress has to put a lot of strain again due to the energy requirement. 

Exercises Proven To Lower Blood Pressure

Some of the best exercises to prevent hypertension are:

Playing Tennis

This is a great sport that you can include in your lifestyle so stay fit and keep your blood pressure in check.


One of the most effective low-impact physical activities is dancing. Just make sure you start slowly. You may also take dance lessons before you practice at home.


Another physical activity that you can participate in if you have HBP is swimming. If you are a good swimmer try doing it as a part of your physical fitness regimen. 

Important Things To Remember While Exercising With High Blood Pressure

  • Always start slowly and increase the speed and intensity gradually. Consult with a doctor before you plan to join a gym. A beginner level physical activity is always the safe one. 
  • Track your progress and notice if your body experiences any unwanted symptoms post-workout such as chest pain or tightness, dizziness, or excessive exhaustion. 
  • Make sure to go for a regular full body check-up to understand if you have any changes with the blood pressure readings. Also, keep a home blood pressure monitor with you. You need to monitor your blood pressure before and after exercise. 

Medicines For High Blood Pressure

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