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Various Ways to Select a Reliable Stockist for Your PCD Pharma Business

Do you run a pharma franchise? Well, the chances are likely that you would be getting hands-on experience in the field when it comes to promoting, branding, and marketing the company. However, your knowledge might be constrained only to that of the promotional activities. To make your advertising much more seamless, you should make the best use of stockists.

If in case you are not aware of who a pharma stockist is, he/she acts as the point of intersection between your company and the retailer. The majority of the pharma marketers of today’s scenario, opt for a stockist. Once hired, they will pay a certain sum of revenue (company profits) back to you in return.

So, utilizing the skills and experience of a stockist will give you a better grip on your brand. This might even help your agency rank in the list of top PCD pharma franchise companies in India in the long run!

Getting an Ideal Pharmaceutical Distributor

It is no surprise that you will find hundreds of PCD pharma companies in India and surrounding localities recruiting a stockist. But then, it is vital to find a distributor, who is capable of assuring that reliability; for safeguarding your business as well as to channelize the same.

And that is because ‘advertising’ and ‘distribution’ are two different streams and even experienced, top PCD pharma franchise companies in India might not be the masters in both.

Here are the Benefits of Using a Stockist

There are a few proper justifications as to why PCD pharma companies in India go with delegating or sharing their works with a stockist;

  1. As a franchise, you can focus more on the marketing and promotional activities of your pharma business, while the stockist concentrates on storage and distribution in your shoes.
  2. Since you would be having sufficient time for marketing, you can sketch new strategies to enhance your business and may even find new ventures to collaborate and grow in the pharmaceutical industry.
  3. With the professional hands of a pharma stockist, you no more have to stress and worry about the hassles of collecting the business goodies from a chemist or pharmaceutical shop.
  4. By working with some top-rated stockists and distributors, you can even think about venturing your business, extending it to the international borders as well.

Above all, when you delegate and work accordingly, this turns your complete operations much simpler and also can generate higher revenue in the long, since your company’s productivity will boost up. What’s more intriguing to note here is that your franchise may even earn that goodwill from other business clients and consumers!

A few Tips to Pick the Stockist for Your Operations

Never plagiarize your stockist hiring steps with your business seeing from other PCD pharma companies in India. Every franchise has differing goals and responsibilities. Thus, get yourself a stockist keeping in mind the following given parameters:

  • Ensure that you are working and associating with a valid and authentic partner. Note that the stockist must receive only 10% per cent of the retailer’s billing price while he/she should pay you the rest amount. So, remember, only a reliable person can be trusted for this step.
  • The potential for recovering the leftover payments from the hands of chemists is a challenging part. And for that, you would require a well-experienced and skilled stockist, who has distributorship with a minimum of 4 to 5 companies.
  • One of the key factors before choosing a stockist is his/her financial status; not about their earnings or social value, but their monetary strength to support and store all your pharma articles.
  • Location matters a lot in the case of appointing a stockist. Your business’s area coverage and the recruiting stockist’s collection points should match precisely.

Last but not least, you may also get to know about the distributor in detail on-field, by visiting the pharma shops and chemists all by yourself and getting the right piece of feedback or review!


Mind that choosing a pharma stockist is a wise decision for better marketing and strategic product distribution. However, do check and verify the experience, connections, area coverage, financial status, and authenticity of the professional before handing over the job. Though quite a time-consuming process, the perks of choosing a stockist are plenty for your pharma franchise.

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