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Own a General Products Pharma Franchise in India and Reap Great Benefits

India has one of the most rapidly growing markets for pharmaceuticals. In 2020 India’s pharmaceutical industry entered the top three of the world’s pharmaceutical markets. There is a growing demand for efficient and trustworthy pharmaceutical products in all corners of the country.

Medicine franchise companies provide the perfect opportunity for new entrepreneurs to enter into the pharmaceutical market of India. A franchise agreement is basically a legal contract to allow the franchise owner to sell the parent company’sproducts under the name and branding of that company. This provides plenty of scope for small and medium level businesses in the pharma sector.

Albia Biocare is one of the most reputed Pharma Franchise companies of India that has a huge network of franchises spread all across the country operating successfully for the last 20 years.

Benefits of Owning General Products Pharma Franchise in India

Propaganda cum distribution(PCD)pharma franchises are the most common form by which business owners can enjoy all the benefits of owning a business while still enjoying the safety of a large brand. Some of the major advantages of a PCDpharma franchisecompany are:

  • Low Investment and Low Risk- Becoming a PCD pharma franchise requires a lower investment than most traditional businesses. It takes just around 20,000 to 30,000 rupees to become an Albia Biocare franchise owner. On the other hand, the risk factor associated with these businesses is also low. Albia is already a well-established brand with a large variety of products that ensures a high return on investment for all investment owners.
  • Low Marketing Cost – Franchise owners do not need to make large investments in marketing programs because the medicine franchise companies like Albia Biocare already have strong customer recall and established marketing channels.
  • Constant Operational Support – Franchise owners are provided with a clear, tried and tested business plan and get day-to-day operational support for their business activities. Many companies also offer their franchises special periodic benefits like medical updates, promotional products like branded calendars and diaries, incentives for high performing employees and many more.
  • Higher Profits- Franchises of well-known brands are usually very profitable. One reason for this is the creation of an instant customer base. Along with this, the lower operational costs and marketing costs also ensure higher profit margins for franchise owners.
  • Extensive Product Portfolio- Pharma franchise companyowners do need to scale up their product portfolioslowly. They have access to the parent company’s huge repertoire of products right from the start. Albia Biocare sells a huge range of medicines in all forms like tablets, soft gels, capsules, syrups, ointments, powders, and granules. All these products are also quality assured and ISO and WHO-GMP certified.
  • Monopoly Rights- Franchise owners get the monopoly rights to sell the products of their parent business in their particular geographical location. This protects franchise owners from the excess competition and helps them build up a loyal customer base.
  • Scope forExpansion- A franchise owner can easily expand their business within their given area by ordering a higher volume and variety of products from their parent company. The high profits and low investments required in initiating the business make the expansion process of pharmaceutical franchise businesses much faster and smoother.


The commercial value of PCD franchises in the pharmaceutical industry is now widely accepted. It can be a good investment opportunity and a great career option for many ambitious entrepreneurs who want to run their own business but cannot invest enough to start their own brand from scratch. Franchise businesses make reliable medicine and general pharma products available all across the country and give many people a chance to taste the joys of business ownership without many of the associated risks.

Albia Biocare is one of the leading companies that have been spreading their franchise network all over India for the last two decades. Our success can be attributed to the degree of flexibility they offer to their franchise partners. There are no sales targets for the franchises. Albia Biocare also ensures that all orders are dispatched within 48 orders of order placement. This ensures that the franchise owner is never left out of stock and unable to serve customers. Consistent and reliable service has been the keystone to the success of Albia Biocare and associated franchise owners.

India owns the lion’s share of the world’s pharmaceutical market and pharma franchising models are helping this industry flourish. In the coming years, the rush to own pharmaceutical franchises is going to keep on increasing. So the early birds who start applying for locations and franchises now will gain a huge competitive advantage in the long run. A small investment today can turn small franchise owners of today into well established entrepreneurs in the future.

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