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What will be the Future of an Indian PCD Pharma Franchise in 2021?

future of indian pcd pharma franchisee

Did you know that the Indian pharmaceutical industry is growing fast, with a CAGR of 15%? Yes, and so, your investment in a pharma franchise is going to be highly profitable as per the stats of various pharma experts. Many of us were unaware of what a pharma franchise & PCD actually mean; but today, the scenario is completely different and the PCD pharma franchise is the backbone of the development and sustenance of the Indian pharmaceutical sector. Let’s see how good this franchise is from the perspective of 2021.


Know the Business Model

Besides its growing CAGR value, Freedom and Flexibility are the two key benefits of the pharma franchise company. So, you can work at your own pace, market the solutions, promote your business, and lift the plans higher. Moreover, the industry itself is growing rapidly. Therefore, down the lane, the last few persons who are entering this domain of business will seek great profits in the upcoming years!


A Growing Industry: Employment Opportunities are High

Around 30% of the Indian population has been uncovered yet. Targeting this huge market, the demand for the PCD pharma industry is excellent. By bringing this population to the mainstream, the business can give many individuals good employment options. And the best part is, this industry is not concluded to have growth for the next 2 or 3 years alone, but rather, it is considered that the development will be retained and the benefits can be reaped for several years in the future. Because the PCD pharma sector is predicted to grow by 22% before 2025.


Get a Profitable Business Plan

It is a belief that the pharma workers should leave their place to do the job. However, with the PCD pharma franchise:


  • You can operate the business right from the city you stay in.
  • Also, with minimal investment, you can get the best returns; low investment capital is the biggest perk of this sector.
  • Last but not the least, being a distributor or pharma professional, you can access any other medicine franchise companies easily using the internet.


Pharma business franchising will be the first choice of pharma experts for the next few years ahead!


Check Out the Various Scopes Available

Unlike the regular business channels, the options are plenty here; you can choose between any of the following for your next PCD venture (s);


  1. Stockiest
  2. Chain pharmacy
  3. Surgical distributor
  4. General Medicine distributor
  5. Health Supplements distributor
  6. C&F (Carrying & Forwarding Agent)
  7. Over the counter (OTC) medicine distributor
  8. Unani/ Ayurvedic/ Herbal / Homeopathic medicine distributor.



With high returns, good flexibility, growing CAGR value, and better employment opportunities, the pharma and PCD franchise is going to have a shining future as a business. Make sure you invest the right value for your next big franchise model! Contact Albia Biocare for any support or business assistance if needed on your journey. Contact the team at +91 9988 289 049 for any details required to kickstart a PCD franchise opportunity at your best convenience.

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