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Can Vitamin B12 Supplements Boost Energy?

One of the most essential B vitamins is Vitamin B12. It keeps the body healthy and functioning properly. 

But the question comes: does vitamin B12 give you energy?

Although this vitamin does not directly produce or give energy to the body, it helps to perform the chemical reaction to produce energy. 

Therefore Vitamin B12 is important and its deficiency may cause different symptoms like insomnia and fatigue. 

Let us discuss this in detail to understand about Vitamin B12 and its importance.

Daily Requirement of Vitamin B12

Getting the recommended daily amount of B12 means the body can make the energy it needs to do everything. Adults need around 2.4 micrograms of vitamin B12 a day. For children and babies the amount varies as per the age group. In the case of pregnant and breastfeeding women the daily Vitamin B12 requirement is more. 

How Does The Body Absorb Vitamin B12?

The human body absorbs Vitamin B12 with the help of hydrochloric acid present in the stomach. This hydrochloric acid removes the vitamin from the food. The vitamin then gets mixed with proteins in the stomach before getting absorbed by the digestive system. 

How Vitamin B12 Helps Our Body?

Vitamin B12 is an essential B-vitamin that aids in healthy brain and neurological functions. It is also important to regulate DNA. It is also involved in the development of red blood cells. If your body’s vitamin B12 levels are low, red blood cell formation suffers. With low count RBC, anemia might develop.

Most importantly, vitamin B12 helps in metabolism. The human body can absorb folic acid with the help of Vitamin B12. 

Some other benefits of Vitamin B12 are:

Good for healthy pregnancy- The right amount of Vitamin B12 is essential during the pregnancy period. According to studies, a fetus’s brain and nervous system development occurs when the mother’s Vitamin B12 level is adequate. 

Mood Improvement

Vitamin B12 may improve your mood and can reduce mood swings and depression. Vitamin B12 deficiency may lead to decreased serotonin production, which can cause a depressed mood.

Healthy skin, nails and hair

Since vitamin B12 is known to aid in cell production, it also promotes healthy hair, skin and nails. Skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation and nail discolouration may be related to vitamin B12 deficiency. 

Food sources for Vitamin B12

Some of the best Vitamin B12 food sources are:

Animal products, including fish, meat, eggs, and dairy, are rich in vitamin B12. Milk and milk products such as cheese and yogurt.

  • Poultry 
  • Lamb 
  • Fish, like haddock and tuna 
  • Eggs
  • Several varieties of soy milk and fortified cereals.

Supplements for Vitamin B12

Various supplements provide a vitamin B12 energy boost. These supplements are available in capsule, liquid and tablet forms. If the body is unable to absorb or get vitamin B12 from the daily diet, consuming supplements may prove beneficial. However one must remember that Vitamin B12 supplements are not a replacement for a proper diet. They will only provide the additional nutritional needs of an individual.

In the case of older people and breastfeeding mothers, they may benefit from vitamin B12 supplements. Along with these, if someone has digestive disorder and cannot consume animal protein, supplements may be the best solution for them.

Bottom Line

Vitamin B12 has multiple benefits. If your diet cannot provide you the right amount of vitamin B12, you must consult with a dietician before taking any vitamin supplement. Also, make sure if your body has some medical condition that may stop your body’s capacity to absorb Vitamin B12 from food.

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